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Feeling Disconnected From Your Partner?

It is normal in any relationship to go through periods of stagnation or detachment. As people change and life introduces more hectic activities or even boredom you may be feeling disconnected from your partner and want to learn ways to bridge the divide.

Feeling close and connected takes work and a commitment to progress within your partnership. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have serious issues or incompatibilities but simply the time has come to assess your love and devotion and then take it to the next level in growth.

Whether you are married or in a long term relationship, there are many ideas which will help to ignite the romance, passion and communication between you and your partner.

Date Nights

Any marriage or couples counselor will point out the importance of planning scheduled dates. When life is busy it is often easy to set aside your relationship priorities and forget to celebrate the love of your life.

To bring back the excitement of your initial coupling, you should try and go out with your partner at least once a month if not once a week. Try making this a routine event and plan it as you did in the past when you were first dating.

In order for this to be most successful, consider changing the dates and doing new and different things together. Don’t always eat at the same restaurant or take part in the same events or over time this too will become monotonous. Do special things together which will create lasting memories for reflection in later years.

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One of the most important aspects of a relationship or marriage is the ability for a couple to discuss, share and open up through dialogue and mutual conversation. If you are feeling disconnected from your partner because you haven’t been communicating, it is essential to work on this right away. A lack of sharing creates a rift which over time lends to a distancing which is difficult to bridge.

In order to introduce communication back into your life, you will need to set aside a specific time of day when this is convenient. Turn off the television, put the kids to bed and/or simply decide when an appropriate and relaxed time would make sense. You certainly want your time to talk convenient for you both and when there will be little interruption.

While you may think it is necessary to have deep, heartfelt, meaningful topics on hand, this is not the case. Start off simply discussing your day, the things you learned the concerns or fears you have and readdress your goals and dreams as a couple.

Try to always keep the conversation as positive as possible and remember to be open and loving. This is a time to share with each other and remember how much you enjoy simply talking about anything!


After a relationship has gone on for awhile, many couples forget to give each other those small signs and gestures which indicate their love. If you are in a place where you have occasional sex or quick pecks on the cheek before work but no longer express love meaningfully, take this advice.

Reach out to your partner and give them the affection they deserve. Back rubs, kisses, hugs, whispered I love you’s and flirtations are all ways to express affection. The end result is a feeling of support, comfort, closeness and desire.

Although you may be feeling disconnected from your partner, if you incorporate some of these tips, you will see an improvement in your relationship right away. This will compound if both you AND your partner work together toward this positive result and instill the romantic closeness you once had.

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relationship recovery