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Different Ways Men Express Their Love

I am not telling you anything new when I say men and women are different. There are too many differences to mention, but one that I want to focus on is how we express love.

Women tend to more emotional creatures, where men keep their emotions to themselves. And of course both drive the other crazy with how they show their love.

I think a lot of women miss them because they are always looking for those magic words. And men do not like to give them, often, so how do men show women they love them?

One way is with gifts. And sure I mean the typical flowers and candy type gifts. Sometimes men will even express their love with the gift of a card or letter. But men also give gifts that aren’t so obvious.

Guys like their friend and family time, so when they give you time over them, consider it a gift. And for a guy, he is demonstrating his love to you, so nothing further needs to be said. Other ways men give gifts include: being there for you in a difficult time, planning a trip, thinking about you throughout the day, fixing things for you, setting up dates or outings.

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Another way is by showing you. Men show they love you by slowly making love to you. They can demonstrate how much they love through how they touch, kiss and love you after. The physical allows them to show without having to say, “I love you”. His whole goal during love making is to love you, meet your needs, and to feel that love in return.

The third way is taking you home. When a man takes you home to meet his family or takes you out to meet his closest friends, he is showing you how much he loves you. Men don’t just take every woman home he waits until he truly loves you to take you home.

And as annoying at it can be for women, another way some men show they love women is by being possessive and/or jealous. This can be frustrating for women, but for some men this is how they show you they care about you and don’t want anyone coming near you. They don’t want to share your attention and they will get particularly upset if they see you talking to other men.

Equally important is to know when a man doesn’t love you or has lost interest because then it is time for the woman to get out or have a talk to find out where he stands. If he suddenly gets reluctant to be intimate he may be losing some of how he felt about you at one time.

Or if you notice he is only taking you out with friends of his that he is not very close with, there is a reason he doesn’t want to bring you around his family or his close friends. Either he doesn’t love you yet or he never will.

Men are complex creatures, just like women. Men may not say, “I love you” enough for women, but if you pay attention, he will show you.

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