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Dating Advice for Women

Dating and flirting can be a fun way of spending one’s singlehood. Women, however, would have to be extra careful when they are already “open for business” since the dating scene could prove to be a very scary place to be in.

Still, a lot of women would like to risk it all just to be able to find the man of their dreams, get into a relationship with him and, hopefully, get married to him eventually.

But before one gets to that point, there are pieces of relationship advice for women that one ought to know to make sure that she does not get out with a guy who only wants to see her naked.

1) Live Your Own Life.

Men may be attracted to a woman by her looks at first but, eventually, he would want to get to know you better. One must remember that being a slob can be a big turn-off and while men are the ones who would eventually have to provide financial security in the future, they would like to know that their dates are financially stable by themselves – that is, if things start to get serious.

2) Play Hard-to-Get.

Men should work hard to win you over – do not be an easy woman. They would feel much greater for having you after undergoing challenges than if they do not. Most often, men would just dump you knowing that they could just easily get you anyway.

This also applies to when men would ask you out for dinner or to just hang out. A friendly dating advice for women: dropping everything just to be with a guy can be a big turn-off.

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3) Stick to Your Standards.

Women often fall prey to rich and good-looking men who are often very manipulative. Flirting and dating with such men may be fun but there is a big possibility that he would just dump you right away to be able to be with that other sexier chick in the bar. Raise your standards if you have to. Find someone who respects you and treats you as a lady should be treated.

4) Stay As You Are.

If you really want to be in a serious relationship then stay as you are. Yes, men may act like they are perfect just to be able to attract girls but really, they are not. Besides, when you start dating, your man would eventually get to know you better and may question you when he sees things that you he did not notice when you just started out. If you just act yourself then you could stay out of trouble.

5) Bad Behavior Should Not Be Tolerated.

Women who want respect from their man would not tolerate it when they are not treated right. A good dating advice for women: tell him up straight when you are disappointed at him for acting like a jerk. Do not just hide your anger with a smile or a laugh when he cancels out on your plans with no valid reason or when he mocks you in front of friends.

Remember these dating tips and you should be on your way to finding that man of your dreams although he may be a little flawed. Just remember to make sure to find a man who respects you and does not treat you like a mere sex object.

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