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Break Up Lines Etiquette

What happens when, for one reason or another, you want out of a relationship? Do you send your partner a text message telling them that ‘it’s over’ or do you face them and tell them in person?

Breaking up is hard, that’s a fact but the way you do it is what determines how your ex-partner handles it.

It can either be too painful and unbearable or you can make it easier for the person you’re dumping by being more respectful.

Break up lines are used to end a relationship in a way that avoids humiliation on both sides. Some words may seem totally harmless but their frequent use in modern culture makes the person being dumped feel unworthy and disrespected.

For instance, words like ‘let’s remain friends’ or ‘it’s me not you’ seem like innocent words but to a person being dumped, they mean that you don’t really care and you’re just using that all-too familiar break up line to dump them.

The safest way to keep, not only your partner’s dignity but yours too, is by avoiding the classic break up lines. If you honestly want to maintain some sort of friendship or at least get on amicably after the break up, it’s better to speak to your partner straight and give them a well-founded reason for wanting out. Most break ups are painful but at least doing it this way makes it easier for the person being dumped to move on.

Here are the break up lines you should shun:

• ‘You will do much better than me’: This is one of the most demeaning break up lines and should be totally avoided. Loosely interpreted, it means that at the back of your mind, you actually think or know that you’re better than your ex.

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Sometimes it can also be interpreted to mean that ‘I’ve found someone better than you’. It makes the person being dumped feel like they are too ‘fragile’ and need to be protected. It’s very cowardly too.

• ‘It’s not you, it’s me’: This one vaguely means that ‘it is actually you’ but I don’t have the guts to say it in your face. We all know what this break up line means so you’ll only be fooling yourself and making your partner feel worse.

• ‘We should just be friends’: This is another ones of those bad break up lines that only make the situation worse for your partner. One way of interpreting this is that you want to keep your partner around just in case you fail to get someone better.

In all honesty, you may really mean it that you want to stay as friends but phrasing it like this doesn’t work. Your ex is not an insurance policy. Use another approach. ‘Would it be awkward if we remain friends?’ this is a bit subtle and gives your ex some control over it.

• ‘Give me some space’: This shows that you’re not decided about breaking up and may be you’re not sure you’ll find another person soon. This phrase is so overused and the worst thing about it is that you’re tagging your ex along to fall back to them in case you don’t get so lucky at finding a new partner.

• ‘We should see other people’: This one vaguely means that you’ve been broken up for ages although your partner may not have noticed. Essentially, it means that you’re so over your partner that you’re even ready to date someone new right now. This may well rank as the worst break up line and could also mean that you took your relationship for granted all along.

On the whole, these overused break up lines simply make a bad situation worse. Speak your mind and make your partner feel comfortable and worthy of love again.

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