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Are You or Your Partner Possessive?

One of the most frequently reported relationship problem is having a partner that is too possessive. Whenever there’s luck of trust in a relationship, a person may feel insecure and this results into obsessive love behavior.

When you have possessive tendencies, you send a clear signal to your partner that you’re insecure and you do not fully trust them.

Different people react differently but certain possessive behaviors are common among most insecure people.

One thing’s for sure: being possessive is unhealthy for a relationship and can lead to a break up. Possessive tendencies may not be so obvious when you’ve just met. Such individuals can have the most charming personalities you’ve ever met but as the initial passion wears off, their true picture starts to manifest. The following are five pointers that show your partner is possessive.

Your partner always wants to know your whereabouts

It’s one of the most obvious traits of a possessive person. Basically, they want to control your life – your other relationships and your behavior. If your partner calls you when you’re at a place where you can’t pick up, they will demand to know where you were, with whom and things like that. It has nothing to do with whether your partner loves you too much but rather, it means they are very possessive.

Incessant calls

If you’re in a relationship where your partner calls you ten times a day, then you have all reasons to be worried. Let’s face it: how romantic is it for someone to call you at 2:00am when they know for certain that you’re sound asleep?

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The truth is that only someone who feels insecure will call every two hours to ‘check on you’ when in fact they want to know your every move and who you might be with. Before you realize it, they will be screening your call records and some people may even dictate which phone calls you should pick and which ones to ignore.

No friends but you

Perhaps this is the most frightening: if your lover claims that they have no friends except you, they may not only be possessive but obsessive lovers as well. It can be a dangerous situation and once your partner comes close to this, you need to walk away from that relationship as soon as you can. Think about it; he’s made every other thing in his life secondary after you so in turn, he’ll expect every little thing you do in your life to somehow be about him. Run for your life!

Your partner chooses for you what to wear

A simple suggestion here and there may be fine. But if your partner picks for you the clothes to wear every day, it’s a different story. They may even start to plan your wardrobe for you. this is a clear sign of possessive behavior and you should beware.

Your partner needs to know every little detail about your friends

It’s very fine for your partner to want to know who the guy you met at the mall is. But if they go further and inquire more about his life – like what exactly he does, relationship status (in a committed relationship or not), and the reason why you have so much to talk about with him – then your partner is possessive.

If you find yourself in a relation with someone who exhibits one or more of these relationship problem traits, you may need to weigh your options of opting out. A relationship can never prosper when one of you feels stifled.

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