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Are You a Rebound Guy?

Imagine this hook-up scenario: a friend introduces you to his wife’s very charming single classmate - all this against your better judgment. Much to your surprise, you two connect and hit it off.

You’ve been hanging out quite a bit now and have had a few dates together. She seems to have all the qualities you want in a woman.

She even tells you that you’re a special guy and she loves your company but then seems to be keeping something to her herself.

Nonetheless, something keeps nagging at you in your mind. As you’re holding conversation over a romantic dinner, she makes known the fact that she’s just come out of a relationship.

The million dollar question then is: are you simply her rebound guy or is she really into you?

Before we go on, it’s worth saying that it’s not such a bad thing being a rebound guy; what matters is what you’re looking for in a relationship. If you’re not after any sort of commitment in a relationship, then being the rebound guy is a winner for you – she’s simply looking for a guy to make her feel wanted again, and you’re just looking for fun.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for serious commitment, being the rebound guy can leave you feeling worthless.

The following are some of the signs and dating tips that show she still has her ex on her mind:

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• She often talks about him: If his name frequently comes up in your conversations with her, then there’s good chance that she hasn’t really let him go. It’s really not rocket science to know that if someone has moved on from a previous relationship, they will try as much as possible to leave the past in the past and focus on their new partner. If she still mentions her ex every now and then, then it only serves as a huge red flag.

• She’s just recently broken up: If her previous relationship ended within the last three months of dating her, chances are she’s still licking her wounds. She may be spending time with you to lift her spirits and boost her self-esteem. She may also just be getting back at her ex to make him jealous or having a good time as well, or all of these things.

• Purely Physical: Some women tend to be more willing to sleep with a guy right after a breakup. If your relationship is purely physical, chances are she’s just having fun and she’s not looking for anything serious.

• She doesn’t talk about you: If you’ve been seeing this girl for several weeks now and she won’t mention your name to her friends and family, then she probably doesn’t think your relationship is going anywhere. If she relents when you insist, she will only introduce you to other significant people in her life as a friend. This clearly indicates that your relationship is not that relevant and she might be thinking of getting back with her ex.

The truth is that it’s all up to what you want from a relationship. But if you’re looking for commitment, it’s always better to let her know how you honestly feel. You’ll both know where you stand.

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