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Advice on Relationships that Are Failing

Perfect love does not exist. All partnerships require transition periods and reinvention.

If you are lost and wanting to make things between you work, there is terrific advice on relationships that are failing and questions to ask in order to determine the obstacles.

First – why is it failing?

While you may not know or understand, it is helpful to sit down with your partner and get to the root of the problem. Ask each other these questions to see if you can narrow it down:

• Have I disappointed you?
• Do you trust me?
• Are you feeling stagnated?
• Do you have a hard time communicating with me?
• Are you harboring resentments or bitterness?
• Is there something outside of us which is affecting you?

Hopefully these questions will help pinpoint what is wrong or at least open up a dialogue between you to get started analyzing.

Next – do you want to fix it?

The idea of solving your relationship problems may sound fine until you realize it takes hard work and a commitment from both of you. Finger pointing, playing the blame game or insisting your side alone be looked at will get you nowhere.

The best advice on relationships that are failing is to have a complete willingness if you truly want it to work out. When discussing negative situations try and have an attitude of how can I help fix this problem rather than how can you. Ask questions of your partner to better understand what is needed from you such as:

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• Why does this bother or hurt you?
• How can I make things better?
• Do you trust in my ability to try?
• Can I do anything different to make it easier?
• What is the best way to offer a reminder when I see a repeating issue arise?

Finally – can I compromise?

If both or one of you is inflexible; things simply won’t work. You have to be able to compromise and come to an agreement you both feel good about. More often than naught, relationships fail because the expectations are too high and partners aren’t willing to give and take.

The problem with arguments is they become debates about who is right and who is wrong. Generally the person who wins is not necessarily the one who is right but the one who is a more adept debater. This of course is unfair as how can anything truly be accomplished through a won argument?

This will always leave one person feeling defeated and misunderstood. Ultimately couples should strive for mutual understanding and completion. Accept the small things and address the big issues with openness. The idea of compromise is to work together to make things better rather than expect one person to change and fix it all.

While there isn’t always one perfect piece of advice on relationships that are failing; there is a perfect method of deciphering the issues. By having an attitude of conquering the turmoil, you both can prevail in bringing back a healthy, lasting love.

connect and commit

connect and commit

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