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5 Secrets Of Great Relationships

Have you ever seen a couple that's been together a long time, but still looks hopelessly in love? Do you wish you could ensure your own relationship lasts that long and remains loving?

If you want to be in your golden years and still hold hands, cuddle and get along, there are some things you need to know. The 5 secrets of great relationships can be put to work in your life and they can help you become happier, healthier and stronger as a couple.

So, how do some couples manage to stand the test of time and still smile, flirt and generate a feeling of love the whole world can notice? Here are some of the best-kept secrets and relationship tips of couples who really have it together:

* Communication - Solid, two-way communication is perhaps the most important of the 5 secrets of great relationships. If you're not comfortable enough in your relationship to approach topics with openness, you have a problem.

Both parties in a relationship need to feel comfortable saying what's on their minds without fear. Disagreements are perfectly okay here, but sound communication skills to work through them with a positive outcome are vital.

* Honesty - This is essential for good relationship communication and it's even more important in a good relationship. Being honest about feelings, wants, needs and desires is simply a must for longevity without regret or resentment. Both parties should feel comfortable saying what's in their hearts.

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* Common interests - Making room for common interests and some couple time is an important part of fostering love that lasts and longevity of a relationship. This is among the most important of the 5 secrets of a great relationship because time together helps forge bonds that last.

Busy couples can still make some time by carving out "date nights," taking up hobbies together or just taking out time at the end of a day to talk, cuddle or watch the sun set. It doesn't matter what is done as long as it's together as a couple without distractions.

* Self-development - As important as couple time happens to be, so is development of self-interests. Strong couples tend to have strong partners. This means the individuals in a relationship have taken the time apart to develop into the people they truly want to be.

Couples that have loving, trusting and solid relationships don't have to be together every second of the day to remain connected. Foster self-fulfillment and each half of the team can blossom. The end result is a stronger couple if self-development is carefully balanced with time together.

* The bed time rule - There really is something to that old saying about never going to bed angry. Couples that understand the 5 secrets of great relationships know how important it is to get disagreements out in the open and resolved as quickly as possible.

While fighting is never an enjoyable moment, "fair fighting" can help relationships grow and couples grow stronger. To fight fair, stick to the topic, keep anger in check, state feelings clearly and listen to your partner's input. Work together to resolve the issue.

As you work on incorporating the 5 secrets of great relationships into your life, remember that all couples have their ups and downs. Sometimes things go swimmingly, but there are other stretches when you really have to work hard at being good together.

If you want to be one of those "old couples" who still holds hands and enjoys gazing into each other's eyes, every bit of effort will be worth it. The 5 secrets of great relationships can help you along the way.

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