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5 Funny Reasons For Men to Get Married

Marriage is a very serious topic for most people. For women it means beginning the next phase of their lives. For men it means giving up their freedom.

Women tend to jump in with both feet once the proposal has been made. They start planning immediately. She will begin the hunt for a dress, cake, photographers, etc…

Men dip a toe in following the proposal, decide it is too cold until the day of when their groomsmen get him drunk, toss him in the pool of marriage and say sink or swim buddy.

So to make it a little easier for the men, listed below are 5 funny, not serious reasons for men to get married.

1. Full time maid, at no major cost – Who knew you could attain such services with so little monetary cost. Say thank you, bring home flowers once in a while and you have yourself a full time maid.

2. Dumping you requires a great deal of work – Should your wife decide at some point that she can no longer stand you, she is pretty much stuck with you, unless she is willing to endure the triathlon of breaking up.

Once married it is no easy feat get divorced. It requires money, lawyers and a whole heck of a lot of desire. It is usually just easier to deal with you than take over a year to end something that took less than an hour to begin.

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3. You gain money in the deal if she divorces you – Should she decide to go with the triathlon and divorce you, because she is the one choosing to leave, you get all the money. So, you get rid of someone who doesn’t really want to be with you anyways and she has to pay you to go.

4. You are allowed to hog the attention – It is not often as an adult that we get full on permission to hog, take and have all the attention of all of your guests for the whole evening. And included here, you also get your last great excuse for getting totally drunk in fact you are expected to drink heavily.

Being the man if you do have children, even though you helped procreate, you get nothing. You don’t get any of the attention and you certainly don’t get to open any of the presents.

5. Present time – Again, as an adult how often do you get tons of gifts that you get to open and keep? And some of the presents you even got to pick out, so they are things you will actually enjoy!!

See men there are actually perks to getting married I bet you had no knowledge of!! You get a full time maid, a lifelong companion unless she decides to take on the triathlon, should she choose to do that, she will owe you money, you get a day of full on attention and presents, no more needs to be said there. So, if you are just not sure about getting into the pool of marriage, think about all the awesome benefits listed above.

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