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5 Bad Habits Couples Fall Into And How To Resolve Them

After the initial passion of a relationship begins to fade we begin to allow our suppressed bad habits begin to emerge, or so it seems.

Formerly repressed bodily noises begin to make themselves heard and the inherent messiness of the male beast rises anew.

All of the little irritants begin to show up in our relationships, sometimes making it hard to move on to the next level of commitment.

In fact, some of these bad habits become a real issue in the relationship.

In an effort to keep the "bloom on the rose" we have to be aware of our distasteful habits and correct or adequately suppress them. Most of them involve common courtesies or good manners.

The top five bad habits for men (at least the ones that surveys indicate annoy women the most) are:

1) Leaving the toilet seat up - No one likes to plop their bare behind onto cold porcelain in the dark bathroom during the night.

Women would like to install a huge spring and a timer on the toilet seat and lid, one that would slam the cover down after an appropriate time.

Of equal concern is the guy who raises the lid, but leaves the seat down and then liberally "waters" the seat and doesn't wipe it off.

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2) Not Sharing Household Chores - This one is another big irritant, particularly in a household where both are working equal hours outside the home. A relationship is (or should be) a partnership with equality for all . . . when it comes to household duties.

3) Control of the TV Channel Changer - Clicker-mania seems to be a male thing. Channel surfing is almost an addiction in males from the teen years to the end-of-days. Come on guys, make a @%!*!* selection and stick with it.

4) Personal Hygiene - Going unshaven and unwashed on the weekend is not okay. Movie heroes may look cool with a couple days of beard, but your sweetie doesn't like the beard-burns on her neck or cheeks.

If you want to grow a beard, then grow one. Let it get long enough that it is soft and springy to the touch... and hides your growing jowls.

5) Choice of Clothing - Men, cammos are for hunting camps and are not okay for Church or the Symphony, I don't care if the Terminator wore them everywhere. Also, those favorite T-Shirts, the ones with the holy armpits... don't wear them shopping with your lady.

You ladies have some annoying habits as well. Men are less inclined to complain about them, except to their buddies (yes, men like women do share their mate's foibles with their pals).

1) Poor Driving and Map Reading Skills - Ladies, do learn the basic rules of the road and follow them. Putting on make-up or talking on the cell phone are not part of driving protocol, so belay them.

2) Being Late - Nothing upsets a guy more than a woman who is always late for everything. This goes hand-in-hand with the next bad habit...

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3) Taking forever to get ready - It may be fashionable to be late for social events, but most guys cannot handle it. If you want the evening to start off well, allow enough time to get ready on time and don't be late.

4) Vocally critical in public - We know that men are sometimes boobs, but save your venting until you are alone. Nothing is less "manly" than being dressed-down in public by a strident woman.

 5) Leave a mess of "female things" in the bathroom - Guys may be the messy gender, but for some reason women are the worst at bathroom clutter. Make-up and jars of secret skin softeners litter everywhere there is an open space.

There's hardly room for his car and hunting magazines anywhere.

I know that many of these bad habits (and believe me, there are a lot more of them than listed here such as being a nagging rut) are petty, but correcting these small irritants can help with your relationship.

Some of these habits seem to cause more concern than the really bad relationship problems like taking one another for granted.

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