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4 Common Relationship Problems And How To Fix Them

Every relationship has its share of ups, downs and middle ground. Some days, weeks and months are just better than others.

There are some very typical problems, however, that can crop up and wreak havoc on even the most seemingly perfect union. Tackling them effectively can lead to a happier, healthier relationship that lasts.

So, what are the 4 common relationship problems and how to fix them?

Let's take a look at each of the 4 common relationship problems and how to fix them on a separate basis. There are tips that are specific to each individual issue. Employing them can put relationships back on track.


This is a major component of most healthy, loving relationships. Sex is how people show their passion for each other, feel more connected and closer and it's simply the most intimate act a couple can embark on.

Unfortunately, sex isn't always great between couples. It might not "feel right," or sometimes, your partner doesn't show enough affection or it may not come often enough. Sometimes a partner is frigid, other times they are too demanding or rough.

So, when it comes to this one of the 4 common relationship problems and how to fix them, what can be done to start having better sex tonight?

Try being more open with a partner about sexual desires, expectations and wants. Be willing to listen to your partner's needs, as well. Never be embarrassed to say what is really on your mind.

Explore new and exciting ways of being close. Don't fear trying something new. If you and your partner are in a loving, trusting relationship, adventure should not be a concern. Just keep the lines of open and make "bedroom talk" safe.

It is perfectly natural for couples to grow apart sexually after some time together. This is when a daring streak or a willingness to try new things or increase the romance level can come in handy.

Should a lack of sex be the issue, talk it out and find out why. Work together to address the concerns and add spice back into your life.

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Of the 4 common issues in relationships is money and how to fix them. This one can be the most tricky to deal with. Money is a very major concern for many people and how it is spent can lead to some serious arguments.

If money, a lack thereof or unnecessary expenditures are the concerns, try these things:

* Create a budget - Work together to create a budget that works for your unique situation. Do your part to help stick within the budget.

* Don't make "sneaky" purchases - Hiding purchases, breaking the budget in secret and other ploys can create major issues. Don't do these things. Do, however, try to build "fun money" into the budget or give yourselves allowances you can save to make special purchases.

* Stay in focus - When money is tight, tempers can run high. Keep yourself grounded in what is truly important. Jobs can be lost, finances can be in shambles, but a relationship can last, grow and thrive if couples work together and focus on what is truly important.


This particular concern in the 4 common relationship problems and how to fix them is typically at the heart of all other issues. Open, clear communication is essential for healthy relationships.

To fix a broken line of communication try practicing good skills. This means stating issues clearly, listening as your partner responds and working together to find solutions. Keep tempers in check, agree to disagree and stick to one issue at a time.

Communication in good relationships is "safe." Partners don't feel threatened by saying what is on their minds. They are respectful and work together to build themselves and their relationship up.

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Household chores

This is perhaps the most amusing of the 4 common relationship problems and how to fix them. It can be a serious bone of contention between couples and it's a very typical complaint.

Fixing this problem takes some teamwork for sure. Work together to divide jobs or take turns doing it all. Do jobs your partner hates doing or vice versa. If there's something you both despise, take turns biting the bullet.

In a well-run household, everyone pitches in and does their share. Work together to make this happen and use good communication skills to get over the humps.

The 4 common relationship problems and how to fix them are needed by almost every couple at some point in life. Work on good communication skills together and you can solve most issues.

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