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3 Mistakes that Men Commit That Cause Women to Leave

When it comes to relationships, men and women are very different in their tendencies and often a pattern can arise which drives one or the other away.

Most guys are programmed to handle things a certain way and should be conscience of their actions.

Below are 3 mistakes that men commit that cause women to leave. By knowing the relationship generalities associated with being a guy, you can improve your dating life and begin to unravel these patterns to secure a longer more stable partnership with women.

#1. Possessiveness or Jealousy

Sometimes guys get the girl and then decide they must cling tightly to the reins in order to insure they keep the girl. This unfortunately is a huge red flag for a female. Any guy who becomes overly possessive or constantly jealous is nothing more than insecure. A woman will only tolerate this for so long before deciding she would be better off moving on rather than tip toeing around you.

If you constantly monitor her, don’t allow her out of your sight or are jealous of her acquaintances or friendships, you may have a big problem. Rather than worry about what she is doing, perhaps you need to address your own fears.

Why are you so worried about it? After all, if it isn’t meant to be then no amount of patrolling her will make it so. There is nothing worse than chaining someone to you in the hopes they will grow to love you more. If she is with you then she obvious sees something. By not giving her freedom and trust, you are undermining the relationship and not showing her the respect she deserves.

Trust is certainly built and can be easily damaged but if she hasn’t given reason for you to not trust her, then you are acting out of sheer insecurity. Sometimes this happens because of complications with trust in past relationships or childhood abandonment issues.

Whatever the reason, you are taking your baggage out on her. This is not fair your time would be better spent working on your own issues. Women are not going to hang around with a ball and chain strapped to their neck and deal with your jealous temperament every time another guy glances their way.

If she is attractive and this concerns you, take pride in the fact she chose you and therefore you must possess good qualities. Stop worrying about what others can offer and recognize your own worth.

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#2. Commitment

One of the 3 mistakes that men commit that causes women to leave relates to commitment. Regardless of where you are in the relationship, there will come a time when it is only natural to move to the next level.

Couples who have been dating awhile will often agree to become monogamous, live together or eventually become engaged. If you are one of those guys who can’t imagine being tied down and prefer to keep things where they are indefinitely, you are in for a rude awakening from your female partner.

She is not going to wait around forever and will eventually find someone else who gives her the sense of security she is looking for in a man. Women, more often than naught prefer the closeness of a long term relationship which is headed in a forward direction.

They are less concerned with playing the field and experiencing all the fish in the sea. If you have found a companion you truly enjoy and are happy with, you may want to start thinking about the next step in togetherness before she decides you are wasting her time.

#3. Infidelity

It’s not just about cheating; many guys are under the impression that as long as they aren’t married, they have the right to browse around regardless of whether they are in a relationship or not.

Even if you are simply dating someone, this is an inappropriate thing to do in front of her. Women want to feel cherished and special. You cannot possibly give her this feeling if you seem to constantly be prowling for another opportunity.

When it comes to infidelity or cheating, men and women are both guilty of this act. Men, however, are more prone to this temptation simply because they have a more difficult time turning off the sexual attraction switch. You may not think you will ever be caught but most likely you will and ultimately she will leave without second thought.

If you want to be with her, then be with her and stop concerning yourself with all the other women you are missing. Otherwise, you should most likely not be in a relationship at all as you have not yet had the time to mature and realize the benefits to finding one, special person.

By knowing the 3 mistakes that men commit that cause women to leave you can improve your dating and relationship life. Avoiding these common issues will not only help you grow as an individual but will provide a more successful path for your love life.

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