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3 Keys to Transform Your Marriage

There isn’t a marriage out that hasn’t or won’t at some point run into some serious issues. And I don’t care what you are taught as a child, marriage is not happily ever after all the time.

There are certainly moments that feel that way but overall the experience should be a good one. However, when you realize that your marriage has reached one of those major obstacles it is important to not only recognize it, but to also acknowledge it.

What most people do not realize is that no one is really prepared for marriage. Even if by some chance your parents talked to you before you got married, they just can’t prepare you for all the figuring out you are going to have to do.

Your marriage basically becomes trial and error. The trick is to figure out how to make it work before you two can’t stand each other anymore. Below are 3 surefire ways to help you along.

The first key is to stop nitpicking. Every couple fights and then dissects every little piece of whatever they were fighting about. Then they ignore the bigger issues, never solving anything, meaning that same issue will come up again and again.

So, when you get into a fight about the butter getting left out on the counter, stop and look at what the bigger issue could be. It could be that one of you feels like you are doing more chores around the house, or always cleaning up after the other one.

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If you can pin down what the bigger issue is, you can address that and eliminate some of the smaller unimportant fights.

The second key is to really look at what you both believe about marriage and other big topics like political beliefs. And it does not have to be the same for both of you, and probably won’t be. That has to be the starting place to realizing you are both going to have different views on things, but if you acknowledge them early on you are more prepared when the subject does come up.

If you can both understand where the other one is coming from and respect whatever the other one believes then when you do have to deal with that issue you have a better place to begin from, which is mutual respect and that goes a long way.

The third key is recognizing that men and women are different. If you can both acknowledge that each of you has not only an important role, but also a different role in the relationship then you are already well on your way.

You must also realize how men and women want to solve issues is very different. Women tend to think more emotionally and that is how they process things. Where men tend to be more logical in how they think and process. This makes it more difficult to navigate through issues.

If you acknowledge the difference and are both willing to compromise there is no reason you can’t achieve your goal of finding a solution peacefully.

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