Save Your Relationship

15 Steps Towards Improving Your Marriage

15 Steps to Improve Marriage

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"Taking the first steps towards rescuing a marriage is NOT easy. I am glad I came across this book. It made it so much easier."

James Watson, Newcastle, England

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. . . the wedding bells are a distant memory, the photo album is tucked away in a closet and the breathless anticipation of a new life has faded away. . .how do you keep that spirit alive. . .

"15 Steps Toward Improving Your Marriage"

Have the emotions of courtship become tarnished memories?

Do you find yourself wondering where the passion has gone? Is it difficult to see that dashing white knight in the guy who sits in front of the television watching football every Sunday?

Or maybe the challenge is finding the gal that turned your head with super model looks in the sloppy sweats and curlers that greet you across the breakfast table?
As they say, the honeymoon is definitely over!

The feelings are still there and the love hasnt diminished. But with the hassles we all encounter from day to day its easy to let our priorities get out of whack!

We live in a stressful world what with work, children and financial pressure. Before we know it, our marriage has taken a back seat. Its no wonder that marriages are failing at an alarming rate.

Here are a few symptoms:

In conversation you constantly correct your spouse.

You make your partner the butt of jokes.

You argue over money.

Cant agree on decisions about the children.

Sex has taken a back seat in your relationship.

By no means are these the only symptoms.

If you have forgotten what its like to communicate with you spouse as you did when you were dating, you can bet there are other difficulties in the marriage.

Remember what life was like when you were dating? Those feelings were very real, but they do and should change over time. The first blush of love is destined to nourish and grow as your relationship matures.

But, you can rekindle the flames of those forgotten memories. You can breathe new life into your relationship and we are going to show you just how to do it in 15 Steps Toward Improving Your Marriage. How do we do it? Take a look and learn:

Catch your spouse doing something "right" Are you fighting fair?

Share domestic chores Can doing the dishes really help your love life?

Becoming a good listener We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason!

Share parental decisions and support Mom said. . .Dad said Do your kids play this game?

Never forget to say please and thank you Why its important.

Share financial responsibilities - This is a huge issue and youd best get it right!

Remember to apologize And make sure you mean it.

Resolve conflicts quickly Letting them fester creates a relationship infection thats hard to cure.

Establish marital goals How to know where you are going.

Never go to bed angry This is not just a cliché!

Plan time for romance Spice is the variety of life!

Explore common interests Just a little bit of give and take will go miles toward rekindling the relationship fire!

Share your fears and insecurities How to show your vulnerability.

Don't be afraid to cultivate your own interests And reveal your own identity.

Never succumb to jealousy This is sudden death for a relationship.

Dont wait until its too late. Dont become a statistic. Ensure your successful relationship and grab your copy right now and learn 15 Steps Toward Improving Your Marriage. 

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