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1000 Questions For Couples Review

1000 questions for couples review1000 Questions For Couples is yet another best seller form Michael Webb, a revered relationship author who has graced a multitude of TV shows and radio programs, notable The Oprah Winfrey Show.

According to his findings, majority of divorces wouldn’t have taken place if couples asked each other the right questions, if at all possible before getting married.

Every individual perceives the world around them, important priorities and core values differently. So, there must be a level of compatibility where it matters between two people for them to be able to get along intimately. It’s far better to realize this way before a marriage takes place then having to endure the pain of divorce later on.

In a 90-page eBook, Michael Webb put together 1000 questions that couples should ask each other before entering long-term commitment.

What is 1000 Questions For Couples all about?

This book is the ideal guide for couples in committed relationships who want to know more about their partner. The truth is that most couples, especially in the early dating days, hardly know a thing about each other. This guide’s questions are both fun and serious, and will open your eyes to things about your partner that you wouldn’t even have thought about.

If you’re a couple out there and want to know your compatibility, 1000 Questions For Couples is the book for you. Additionally, you can also use it to enhance the intimacy in your relationship. When you feel like you want to move a notch ahead with your intimacy, this is the perfect book to help you achieve that.

1000 Questions For Couples contains tons of ‘getting to know you’ questions but that’s not all, it also includes some important questions that most people would rather not ask or those they deem unimportant but are in fact very necessary for a healthy relationship.

You want to be able to read the thoughts, feelings and wants of your partner, their passions and irritations. You will also discover how to make them happy, and if indeed you’re the right person to do that.

Questions in the guide are categorized into various topics, such as ‘Morals, Convictions and Beliefs’, ‘Personality, Feelings and Emotions’, ‘Communication’, ‘Sex’, ‘Money’, among others. while some couples prefer to sit face-to-face and ask each other some of these questions, others are more comfortable with email messages.

Is 1000 Questions For Couples Really effective?

As a couple, when you use 1000 Questions For Couples, you will notice a positive change in the level of your intimacy, especially emotional intimacy. Many couples notice changes as early as the first week of talking about these questions.

One of the most significant benefits of the 1000 Questions For Couples guide is that you get to realize how much of your partner you didn’t know, regardless of how long you’ve been together. The new information you discover helps you cement your intimacy.


1000 Questions For Couples is perfect for you if you want to identify the ideal lifetime partner. There’s no doubt the questions here are very enlightening but there are no guarantees that when you find an ideal partner, the relationship is fail-proof. Nonetheless, 1000 Questions For Couples is worth a read.

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1000 questions for couples

1000 Questions For Couples Review